Key Dates

5th June
Nomination process closes: June 05, 2024
5th October
Shortlist announced on: August 15, 2024
10th October
Winners announced on: October 10, 2024

Who is Eligible?

In-house counsel who are members in good standing of at least one provincial or territorial law society. In-house counsel are defined as lawyers who are engaged by any corporation, business enterprise, association, institution, not-for-profit organization, government or regulatory board or agency, Crown corporation or regional or municipal corporation; and who do not hold out themselves to the public for the practice of law.

CCCA members and non-members are eligible for nomination. Although it may used as an example of community contribution, membership within the CCCA is not determinative.

Nominations and Applications

How to nominate?

  • Each Nominee will require one Nominator and one Seconder.
  • Nominators must complete the Online Nomination Form. Nominators must include the nominee’s contact information, current employer, CV or link to their LinkedIn profile, and sufficient detail outlining the reasons for which the nominee’s name has been put forward for consideration.
  • The Nominator will also provide the name and contact information of one Seconder.

Who can nominate and second?

  • Individual in-house counsel and in-house departments may be nominated by:
    • an in-house counsel within or outside of their employer organization; OR
    • another employee within their employer organization; OR
    • self-nomination
  • Nominations will be driven by the in-house community and their organizations, therefore, respectfully, law firm or service nominations will not be accepted.
  • Seconders may be any individual with sufficient knowledge of the nominee to answer questions if required by the judging panel.  For clarity, they may be in-house counsel, team members, employers, law firm partners, other service provider partners etc.
  • A minimum of one nominator OR one seconder must be a member of good standing in at least one provincial or territorial law society AND be a member of CBA.
  • CCCA National Board Members cannot be nominated for individual awards and are precluded from acting as nominator OR Seconder.

When do nominations close?

  • Nominations will be received until midnight Eastern time on June 05, 2024.
  • The winners will be announced at the Canadian In-House Counsel Celebration on October 10, 2024, at the Omni King Edward in Toronto, Ontario